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corvallis area federated wireless access providers

cafwap is a non-profit organization of independent wireless internet access providers for the corvallis, oregon area and surrounding communities. cafwap providers will share their existing high speed internet connections with their neighbors using the ieee 802.11 and 802.11b wireless protocol standards.

if you're in corvallis, you can get wireless high speed access to the internet for free! see the faq and the coverage map for more information, then get on the mailing list!

currently cafwap's coverage of corvallis is pretty weak, so cafwap is looking for providers to join our network! if you own 802.11 access point equipment please donate cafwap service and help make our community a better place to live (and surf the internet). if you're thinking about purchasing 802.11 equipment, please contact us for recommendations. to contribute to the cafwap project as a provider, please send an email to rose at cafwap.net.


  • feb 1, 2003: new node at 2500 nw princess!

    location: 2500 nw princess, corvallis. range: ~30m owner: anonymous

  • dec 15, 2002: new node at 4000 nw arrowood!

    location: 4000 block of nw arrowood circle, corvallis: range: ~40m owner: anonymous

  • aug 6, 2002: new node in adair village!

    location: nw ryals avenue and hwy 99, corvallis. range: ~300m owner: chad prucha

  • jul 17, 2002: new node at nw canary place!

    location: nw canary place on witham hill, corvallis. range: ~100m owner: mitko mitev

  • jun 6, 2002: new node at 631 sw lilly ave!

    location: 631 sw lilly, corvallis range: ~100m owner: bryan kroger

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